Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Moviebar March 2011 Postscript

Thanks to all the cool people who made it along on Monday, another great night of movies, beer and banter. And an even bigger thanks for sitting through the scene picked for our quiz from The (not-Steven-Spielberg’s-one) War of the Worlds. Count yourselves lucky you didn’t have to sit through all 3 hours of it. To find out more about that wonderful movie, or for any other feedback, you can email us at moviebar@ymail.com.

The War of the Worlds was in honour of Moviebar screening some slightly longer films than usual this month and the evening kicked off with The Ghoul Lord, a comedy based around a group of roleplaying geeks who have trouble separating reality from fantasy. Director James Atkins was there to talk about his experiences of working in New York with American actors on the project.

The Ghoul Lord Trailer...

You can see more at James’ You Tube Channel.

Then there was The Ascension Agency, a 30-minute psychological thriller about a security guard whose life is falling apart and the shadowy organisation that promise him help. Filmmakers Daniel Birt and Ged Cleugh discussed how they achieved such a polished look and their hopes for turning it into a feature.

The Ascension Agency Trailer...

Dan and Ged at Moviebar

Steven Dorrington’s Toothless then introduced us to a rather down on her luck Toothfairy who barely scrapes by on her meagre wage, turning to drink while looking after her ailing Mother in this tragi-comic mockumentary. The cinematographer Emma Bailey was there to talk about getting the naturalistic look for the film.

Toothless Trailer...

Emma at Moviebar

See more at Steven’s Vimeo Channel and Emma also helps run the Brighton Filmmakers Coalition.

The evening ended with Nathan D’Arcy Roberts’ Charlie Chaplin starring Nick Bartlett as an intimidating drug dealer who has much weirder merchandise he tries to trade. Nick talked about the short and about his role in the recently released Brit flick Zebra Crossing.

There’s a clip of Charlie Chaplin amongst several other short films from the Brain Wash short film night in London...

So that’s how it went down. Thanks again for everyone’s continued support and the next one’s on Monday 4th April, see you there!

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  1. Appreciate all the effort you put into this,I'm sure I'll be on the train from London for the next one! Cheers Chris.
    Brian Gregory