Wednesday, 27 April 2011

MovieBar - 2nd May 2011 Line-up...

8pm Monday 2nd May 2011

Hey...Pete Regan here. Chris has been busy writing every script known to man this month so I thought I’d take this month’s line up off his hands. Although it’s still taken me this long to get it written up and released.

This month I unfortunately won’t be able to play a clip from the awesome Congo for the quiz as it’s taking a post-apocalyptic theme. 

The quiz starts at 8 and will be followed shortly afterwards by the following selection of filmic joy...

The line-up…

Mr Bradley Mr Martin

Dark, atmospheric visuals help to bring to life the mysterious words of William S. Burroughs in his poem – Mr Bradley Mr Martin Hear Us Through the Hole in Thin Air.

 The Games We Play
Dick Douglass brings us a film in which a school girl takes her life back from the oppression forced upon her, both at school and at home.

Actor Dick Douglass will be joining Director Rhys Bendix-Lewis on the night to talk about the film.


A short tale about a man who, down on his luck, let’s anger get the better of him. 

The Poi Story

Daya Dodds short documentary about Kate Wright’s personal journey, taking her half way around the world, to eventually find solace in the art of Poi.

Daya will be coming along to talk about the film.

I Need Motor Love

Simon Messingham returns to Moviebar with this promotional music video for his upcoming Brighton Fringe show Disco.

Director Simon Messingham will be along to talk about his film.

If you would like further information or would like to submit a film to be screened at a future event you can e-mail us at 

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Moviebar April 2011 Postscript

A huge thank you to everyone who made it along to April’s fun-packed Moviebar. We set a high standard with our quiz film clip from the award-winning (if you count The Razzies) Congo, how the hell could we top that?! Read on...

First up was Victoria Cameron-Mowat’s contemporary take on the story of Adam and Eve. It was filmed as part of a recent Brighton Filmmaker’s Coalition challenge to blend classic tales with different genres and cinematographer Leo Mumford talked about the arresting visuals.

Adam and Eve, along with more of Leo’s work, can be found on Exposure Room

Next up were two music videos from Brighton indie band The Badje. The director and lead guitarist Carlos Boellinger talked about the different approaches he took...

Shiva - The Badje

Ain’t Alone – The Badje

Check out more at the band’s official site.

Then we had a trilogy of slapstick shorts from Dave Packer (a.k.a. Sheep Films) and Dave was there to talk about his furtive imagination and camera trickery...

Camera Capture


Flip Flops

There’s lots more where that came from over at Dave’s Sheep Films site.

Next up was Karma Magnet, a dark drama about a celebrity chef who thinks he’s the luckiest man alive... and must kill himself. Martin Kemp directed his brother Gary and the short was written by Phill Barron who came along to talk about the twist ending and being the centre of the universe.

Karma Magnet

You can read more from Phill on his blog.

Then we had the first episode (or webisode) of Warren Dudley and Roger O’Hara’s internet series The Traffic Patrol Tapes. The pair talked about taking a simple idea of two coppers on the beat and turning it into surreal mockumentary.

The Traffic Patrol Tapes – Episode 1

Keep an eye on The Traffic Patrol tapes site for the latest episodes.

The night ended with Freshwater Clive, a sketch from comedian Matt Manning who tragically passed away after its completion. Editor Ross Boyask talked about working with such an anarchic talent.

Freshwater Clive

Phew! A lot of movies, and we can safely say they’re all better than Congo. For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at We’ll see ya at the next one on the 2nd May, the perfect end to a lazy bank holiday.