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MovieBar - 6th June 2011 Line-up...

8pm Monday 6th June 2011

This month at MovieBar we’re showing a record eleven films, which sounds like loads but most of them are really, really short. There will also be the usual quiz and filmmaker Q&As.

We've already done monkeys so this month the quiz will be themed around the second best movie creature - dinosaurs!

The event takes place at the Cornerstone pub at the bottom of Elm Grove in Brighton. The quiz starts at 8 and will be followed by screenings of…

The Big Sleep

Katrin Magrowitz’s beautifully shot film follows a woman on a journey along the cliffs of Hastings towards an unexpected destination.

Kat will be coming along to talk about the film.

I Remember April

Rob Hurtt's drama is an interesting character study of a lonely man who finds solace in his conversations with a charity shop assistant.

Getting Ready, Initial Prospect and The Lighthouse

Stories of love, loss and dreams presented as visual poems in three films from Ben Barton.

28 Seconds Later, 77 Days Later and Rage

Damien Wasylki was working behind the scenes on big-budget horror sequel 28 Weeks Later when he decided to use the resources available on set to make these shorts, presenting an alternate perspective on the events shown in the feature.

Close Up, Lick My Crutch and The Man Who Shouts at Seagulls

Filmmakers Anthony Carpendale and Helen Kennaugh made these three very different and very well-produced film trailers as part of the last Brighton Filmmakers Coalition film challenge. They also made all three in 48 hours! 

Anthony and Helen will be coming along to talk about the films.

If you have any questions about the event or have a film you would like us to consider for screening please e-mail

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