Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Moviebar May 2011 Postscript

A big thank you to all the film lovers who shook off their Royal Wedding hangovers in time for May’s Moviebar.  For those who missed it, here’s how it went down...

Up first was the surreal Mr Bradley Mr Martin, a collection of eerie visuals from filmmaker Greig Johnson that brings to life the William S. Burrough’s poem which is read by the author himself...

Mr Bradley Mr Martin

Greig has also posted a version with his own commentary about the influences behind the work on Vimeo. You can also read more about the film on Greig’s blog.

Next was the short The Games We Play from director Rhys Bendix-Lewis, a thriller about a vulnerable teenage girl with a darkly comic twist that was premiered at last year’s End of the Pier International Film Festival. Actor Dick Douglass talked about shooting in Worthing and working with other members of the Arc Film Network.

Actor Dick Douglass

More information about the short can be found on the Arc Film Network site.

Then we had Overwhelmed, a violent short from directors Phil Meachem and Jordan Dawes about a man pushed to the edge.  More can be seen from Phil over at his site Divided Productions and he’s also looking for funding for his next film, an all-out action blockbuster, via IndieGoGo.

We then screened The Poi Story, a documentary about Kate Wright and her personal journey to discovering the art of Poi. Director Daya Dodds talked about filming in Jersey and editing Kate’s tragic yet uplifting story into just 10 minutes...

The Poi Story 

Director Daya Dodds

The night ended with the music promo I Need Motor Love from director Simon Messingham.  The promo was created to help advertise Simon’s upcoming comedy show Disco, running at the Brighton Fringe from 11th – 13th and 19th – 20th May. Book your tickets now! Simon talked about creating the 70s look and feel of the video and the show itself...

I Need Motor Love

Director Simon Messingham

For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at The next Moviebar is 6th June, we look forward to seeing you there!

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