Sunday, 12 June 2011

Moviebar June 2011 Postscript

Thanks to everyone who made it along on Monday. We had a few technical gremlins so the line-up was rearranged slightly (The Big Sleep and the trio of shorts from Anthony Carpendale and Helen Kennaugh will be shown in July) but it was still a helluva night...

Kicking things off was Rob Hurtt’s drama I Remember April about a man down on his luck who has a frank and revealing conversation with a charity shop worker...

I Remember April

You can find out more about Rob on his MySpace page

Next was a trio of films from director Ben Barton; Getting Ready, Initial Prospect and The Lighthouse. Each was part music video and part visual poem on the subjects of loss and dreams. Initial Prospect and The Lighthouse also make use of iconic Dungeness landmarks. More about the films can be found on Ben’s web site.

Another trilogy, this time from filmmaker Damien Wasylki who worked behind the scenes on 28 Weeks Later and decided to use the resources around him to make several shorts. 28 Seconds Later is a visceral action set-piece while 77 Days Later and Rage look at other people’s stories during the infection...

28 Seconds Later

77 Days Later


You can find out about Damien’s work over at his blog

The next Moviebar is on the 4th July. The Americans celebrate their independence, we celebrate our independence... from Hollywood... because we make the films we want to make! Yeah! For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at

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