Thursday, 7 July 2011

Moviebar July 2011 Postscript

This month’s Moviebar marked the end of an era. Since it began, Moviebar has been faithfully held each month at the Cornerstone pub but from August we’ll be in new digs nearby at the Caroline of Brunswick. So Monday was a chance to say a big thank you to the Cornerstone for all their help and support over the years. And it was a great send-off, a full house of old and new faces with some fantastic shorts on show...

Starting the evening was The Big Sleep by director Katrin Magrowitz. This simple, affecting short deals with a lone woman’s grief on the cliffs of Hastings. Katrin came along to talk about the making of the film and how she captured the mood of the story.

Next up was Gaz Westman’s Beth, a violent thriller about a troubled man and his imaginary best friend...

Beth (Festival Trailer)

Gaz was in attendance to discuss the inspiration for his thriller and how he was influenced by the likes of Taxi Driver.

Then we had two shorts from director Tom Kelly. The first, And now for Something Quite Familiar, was the result of a Brighton Film Coalition Challenge in which Tom and his crew had to do Robinson Crusoe in the style of Monty Python...

And now for Something Quite Familiar

Tom’s second film was the much darker O Dusky Beauty of Mine, a love story with a gruesome twist...

O Dusky Beauty of Mine

Tom came along to chat about the challenges faced by both productions and the techniques used to get a realistically dead-looking actress.

This was followed by another double bill, this time from actor Stephan Silver who lent his dancing skills to the offbeat stop-motion short Les Trois Objects from director Dan Childs...

Les Trois Objects

Stephan also starred in Between the Stones, another Brighton Filmmakers Coalition exercise about a man frustrated by his hobby of metal detecting and his discovery of dancing. Stephan talked about the work and the intricacies of filming stop-motion.

Between the Stones

We ended with a new trailer for Ross Boyask’s action movie Warrioress. Moviebar regulars will have already seen glimpses of the movie but this all-out trailer, cut for Cannes as a sales promo, shows off even more sword-swinging and bone-breakage...

Warrioress (Cannes Trailer)

Ross gave us an update on the film and it sounds like the finished product will be coming very soon. Watch this space.

The next Moviebar is on the 1st August. Don’t forget the venue change, see you all at the Caroline of Brunswick (! For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at

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