Tuesday, 16 August 2011

MovieBar - 5th September 2011 Line-up...

7.30pm Monday 5th September 2011 – Film line-up

Brighton's monthly short film event is back in September with another eclectic mix of awesome shorts and an opportunity to quiz the filmmakers afterwards. The screenings will take place at our new venue, upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick.


Pete Regan's quirky music video gets its big screen debut and proves that a short film about two people in a flat is infinitely improved when one of those people is a furry green puppet.

Pete will be coming along to talk about the film.

Personality Aid

Nathan Cook's Faustian comedy tells the story of a teenager who discovers a shortcut to popularity via a device that increases his wit and intelligence.

Nathan will be coming along to talk about the film.

Billboard trailer

Jamie Paterson describes his second feature-length film as ‘a dark, twisted tale of two young suicidal characters who through a series of unfortunate events come together for one crazy night. A violent, sexy twist on your average romantic comedy'

Jamie will be coming along to talk about the film.


Nick Hilton's film follows the staff of a well-known high street store as it closes its doors for the last time.

Hopefully Nick will be along to talk about the film.

Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw

Postponed from last month - A horror-comedy about a witch whose flatmate made some very bad wishes with a magic monkey's paw and now needs her help to undo them. This will be the first ever screening of the film which was filmed last summer.

Writer and director Chris Regan really will be there this time!

If you have any questions about the event or have a film you would like us to consider for screening please e-mail moviebar@ymail.com

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Moviebar August 2011 Postscript

It was a new venue for August’s Moviebar and we settled in nicely, we found the play button on the DVD player OK which got us off to a good start. We had a fantastic turnout so thanks to everyone for coming along and we think the Caroline of Brunswick will be the perfect home for Moviebar for many months to come.

Kicking things off was the thriller Get Well Soon from directors Ian Baigent and Jack Burnford and writer Michael Woodman.

Get Well Soon (Trailer)

The short is a tense, unflinching portrait of a relationship in a downward spiral with beautiful cinematography and gruesome effects. For more screenings check out Michael Woodman’s blog Punchdrunk in Matalan.

Next was the comedy Straight Out from writer/director Andy Nicholls who subverts the coming-of-age genre by setting it in a world where gay and straight stereotypes have been flipped around...

Straight Out (Trailer)

For more info head over to the Straight Out site.

Then we screened writer/director Mark Moynihan’s Little Things, a quirky drama about the tiny interactions that make up life...

Little Things

Sadly Mark couldn’t make it all the way from Wales but he did send a nice little video message. You can find out more about the film over at Little Things Movie.

Finally, after being delayed from last month, we got to show the three trailers made by Anthony Carpendale and Helen Kennaugh for the Brighton Film Coalition’s 48 hours challenge...

Close Up

Lick My Crutch

The Man Who Shouts at Seagulls

Anthony and Helen came along to tell us about turning pub banter into three proper trailers shot over a weekend in Brighton. In-case you were wondering, Lick My Crutch would be first they’d turn into a feature.

You can see more of Anthony’s work over on his Vimeo channel.

Unfortunately we couldn’t show Chris Regan’s hotly anticipated Jenny Ringo and the Monkey’s Paw but we will, watch this space!

We hope to see everyone again for more movie madness on Monday 5th September. For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at moviebar@ymail.com.