Tuesday, 22 November 2011

MovieBar - 5th December 2011 Line-up...

7.30pm Monday 5th December 2011 – Film line-up
Join us in December for a vaguely Christmas-themed MovieBar! None of the films we’re screening are even slightly Christmas-related but there will be a Christmas film quiz and festive prizes!

Here are the films we’ll be screening on the night…

Nick Everhart’s horror short is about a couple who come across a vintage jack-in-the-box with a few extra surprises inside.


If David Cronenberg and David Lynch decided to collaborate on a film about drugs it would probably look a bit like this really rather disturbing short from Jeremiah Kipp.

A typical argument has severe and unusual consequences in Dominic Pillai’s effective existential drama.

Dominic will be coming along to talk about the film.

The Lift
Part ghost story, part road movie, The Lift is an innovative take on the creepy hitchhiker subgenre from directors Jason Davison and Dick Douglass.

Jason and Dick will be coming along to talk about the film.
The Joke
Tim Pieraccini directs Gary Mepsted’s script in this comedy/drama about what happens when three very different candidates are kept waiting at a job interview.

Tim and Gary will be along to talk about the film.
Act of Faith
We close off the evening with another film from Tim Pieraccini, this one a classic ghost story about a troubled girl haunted by mysterious blindfolded figure.

Tim will hopefully still be there to talk about this film as well!
If you have any questions about the event or have a film you would like us to consider for screening please e-mail moviebar[at]ymail.com 

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Bonus Feast of Hammers Q&A...

Feast of Hammers director Dominic Stoate couldn't make it to MovieBar last Monday but did write a few words about making the video.

'I was lucky enough to stumble upon Birdeatsbaby while on the hunt for music on an unsigned musicians website for use in a corporate training film. It was upon listening to them and realising how completely inappropriate for the commercial video they were that I decided these were the sort of people I simply had to work with if I wanted to produce anything worth looking back on and remembering. There was just a wildness and glaring originality to their material that I wanted to help perpetuate visually and, as it turned out, they were probably the most creatively accommodating and generally nice people I could have hoped to break into the world of music videos – which is always nice.

"Feast of Hammers" was definitely the video that illustrated to me the importance of preparation. We’d never been exactly unprepared in other videos but we were so keen to do justice to the films we were trying to emulate that it was going to take a whole new level of care if we were going to achieve it convincingly. For instance, a surprisingly large amount of effort was required just to undermine the quality of the technology we have at our disposal to achieve the underwhelming visual style of the films we wanted to pay tribute to.

A lot of people talking about the video have referenced films like “The Hills Have Eyes” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and while those are certainly influences, I also found inspiration in some of the lesser-known films to emerge on video after failing to get a cinema release. Small “video nasties” such as “Blood Rites” and “Driller Killer” - which often had little in the way of budget and virtually no promotional campaigns to support them - relied on their depictions of violence for publicity, often juggling their compulsion to push the boundaries of “taste” with the problems of not having the funds needed to accomplish it. This sometimes resulted in the creators’ ambitions of violence outgrowing their budgetary limits, with the seams of the low budget production on show to often comic effect. For the more violent aspects of “Feast of Hammers” I hoped, with a somewhat facetious emulation of this humour/horror juxtaposition, to stay true to the dark humour Birdeatsbaby’s fans have come to expect from their material at the same time as doing justice to the sinister and violent imagery of the song. It wasn’t just because we too had no money for effects beyond melons and mince!'

Thanks Dominic! And while we're on the subject, Birdeatsbaby released Feast of Hammers as a single today - you can find out how to get it here.

MovieBar will return on Monday 5th December - hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Moviebar Halloween Special - Postscript

Monday was a very special Moviebar, a collection of the macabre and the grostesque. A Halloween celebration of that spine-tingling genre known as horror and we packed in over 15 blood-soaked shorts. Watch them again, if you dare...

Welcome to Moviebar, Halloween style...

Wilhelm the Dwarf Vampire (Carsum Dim)

Don't Let Him In Trailer (Kelly Smith)

End of the Line (Rob Curry) - More about Rob can be found over at his production company Fifth Column

Vermes (Marc Burton) - More about Marc can be found over at his site Bubble Snake

Little Snaps of Horror (Graham Rathlin)

Slip (Joe Rosen)
Slip can be viewed over at Shooting People

Collar (Stuart Dunlop & Dan Birt)
Collar can be viewed over at Propeller 4 Film

The Baby Watcher & Fear View (Keith Eyles)
Part of the Urban Chiller Tales, trailer below...

Keith Eyles discusses Urban Chiller Tales

Feast of Hammers - Music Video for Birdeatsbaby (Dominic William Stoate)

Birdeatsbaby singer Mishkin
Theatre of Souls (John Hoye)

Director John Hoye talks about Theatre of Souls
ZombieZ Promo (Matt Watering)

Deathilating Machine : In The Flesh (Matt Watering)

Steadicam Operator Andy Nicholls talks about working on Matt Watering's shorts

Squirrels Of Doom (Anthony Carpendale)

Revenge Of The Information Point (Anthony Carpendale)

Death Carts (Anthony Carpendale)

If you survived that and still want more then the next Moviebar is Monday 5th December at the Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton.