Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Moviebar December 2011 Postscript

Moviebar saw out 2011 with mince pies, extra special pressies for quiz winners and, of course, a sackful of quality shorts. Here's how the last Moviebar of the year went down...


We started off with a short and sweet shocker from US director Nick Everhart. A couple play with a harmless looking jack-in-the-box but it gives them a nasty surprise.

You can find out more about Nick at his site Pop Goes the Evil.


Another short from the US, Contact is a surreal, Lynchian glimpse at the world of drug addiction. Largely dialogue free, the short is a vivid descent into paranoia from director Jeremiah Kipp.


An argument ends in tragedy for a bickering couple on their way home. Director Dominic Pillai joined us to chat about improvising the dialogue with his girlfriend and how he kept the ending deliberately ambiguous.

Dominic Pillai joined Moviebar to discuss Rubberneck

The Lift

The Lift was made as part of a Brighton Film Coalition challenge by directors Jason Davison and Dick Douglass and sees a driver regretfully picking-up a crazed hitchhiker. Jason and Dick came along to talk about how they worked together and the logistical nightmare of filming the car in a cramped garage.

Jason Davison and Dick Douglass talk about filming The Lift

The Joke

A room with three people waiting for a job interview, the pressure to know what's happening gradually building and each candidate vents their frustration in different ways. Tim Pieraccini directed a script from Gary Mepsted and both filmmakers talked about going from script to screen.

Tim Pieraccini and Gary Mepsted chat about the making of The Joke

Act of Faith

We closed the night with another film from director Tim Pieraccini, this time a haunting ghost story about a woman plagued by a blindfolded spirit. Tim talked about coming up with the idea and filming it in and around Brighton.

There won't be a Moviebar in January to give everyone a chance to recover from their holiday hangovers so the next one will be Monday 6th February. See you all in 2012 (barring any apocalyptic disasters). For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at moviebar@ymail.com.

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