Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gemma Clarke on Trapped

Moviebar recently screened the short Trapped, an affecting drama focusing on two everyday London teens desperately trying to realise their dreams.  Director Gemma Clarke was unable to attend but was kind enough to answer a few questions about the making of Trapped...

1) How did the film come about?

The film was part of a project with production company Chocolate Films and youth organisation Futureversity. They were looking for young people to pitch film ideas to them and were offering 5 winners a budget of £500 and mentoring and support from Chocolate Films. I had this particular idea for sometime so decided to give it a shot and pitch it to them. Luckily I was one of the chosen 5 and received mentoring and guidance on getting my script together, organising the production and getting the film made. I took the role of writer and director whilst my mentor, Ben Clough took the role of producer as well as being a help in hand with all other aspects of the production.

2) How long did it take?

I started working on the script in August 2010, was shooting in October and finished editing in November so 3 months all together. The actual shoot was 2 and a half days.

3) Are there any particularly difficult moments you remember from making the film?

The most difficult moments I remember was trying to get access to certain locations on such a small budget. These obstacles taught me the important of thinking creatively in all aspects of a low budget film production and resulted in me having to change a few scenes - the last scene being one of them - however after the production was finished i felt the new scenes worked much better than the original scenes would have done.

4) What part or element of the film are you most happy with?

If i had to choose what part i was most happy with i would say the story line as i was particularly happy with how real and believable the story came across as, as this was my main goal, to create something that people could relate to and feel reflects real life.

5) What are you working on next?

I am currently in post production of a short film called Without You, which i also wrote and directed. I am also working on new writing material as well as getting involved in other peoples productions to gain as much experience as possible.

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