Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Moviebar February 2012 Postscript

Moviebar's 2012 started with a jam-packed line-up of 9 shorts. Whaddaya mean you missed it?! Here's how it went down...

Kicking things off was Gemma Clarke's drama about London teens desperately trying to realise their dreams...

Gemma was unable to attend but you can find out more about the making of Trapped in this interview.

Next came a tense encounter with a twist from director Mark Stevenson and writer Gabriel Lesmoir-Gordon...

Thanks to Mark and Gabriel who came along to chat about making Backspace.

A documentary from Upneet Kaur-Nagpal looking at Romany Gypsies in Worthing and the place of horses in their everyday lives. Upneet came along to talk about making the short which was cut from hours and hours of interviews.

Peanut Albinos – ‘To Be a Number’
Simon Olivier came along to show his latest music video for his band Peanut Albinos which makes great use of various Brighton locations...

In Which a Wife Suffers a Loss
An unsettling drama from writer/director Cheryl White which unfolds from a single CCTV vantage point. Cheryl talked about the short which is the second in a series and you can find out more on her website.

The Bored Room
Up next was a dark comedy from Gavin Leary in which a floundering boardroom presenter starts having violent fantasies.

Wheels of Fortune
Next we had Tim Watchorn's comedy about two wheelchair-bound actors competing for a role. The filmmakers couldn't make it along but had a little message for us - “On behalf of the entire cast and crew would like to thank you for screening Wheels of Fortune. We filmed this with the support of the British Film Institute and also ran a training scheme to train 10 physically disabled children in the art of film making. We are all incredibly proud of it and hope that you enjoy watching it. You can find us on twitter and we would love to know your thoughts. @Wproductions and @prouddavid. Thanks again and have a lovely evening."

Wheels of Fortune can be viewed on the uScreen website.

Next was Ed Dallal's short Voices, a self-portrait told through the voices of other London citizens...

We ended our epic journey with a slick sci-fi animation from Joe Bichard and Jack Cunningham...

Phew! If you're still gagging for more then be sure to come along to the next Moviebar on Monday 5th March at the Caroline of Brunswick. For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at moviebar@ymail.com.

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