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MovieBar - 2nd April 2012 Line-up...

7.30pm Monday 2nd April 2012

Brighton's monthly short film event returns to the Caroline of Brunswick in April with a time travel theme! Not only are we showing at least one film that actually features time travel (that's two months in a row the theme has matched up to one of the films!), we will also be rewriting MovieBar history with a screening that didn’t quite go to plan the first time around.

As always there will be an opportunity to hear many of the filmmakers talk about their work after each film and we have a time travel related film quiz with prizes!

Here’s the line-up…


Fantastic make-up effects and a rare twist on well-worn genre in this film from director James Atkins.

Puppy Dog Tails

The second film from James Atkins is an slick-looking thriller that effectively crams a complex story into a short space of time.

James will be coming along to talk about the films.

A Guide to Safe Dining

Molly Brown’s incredibly inventive  spoof educational video shows how much you can achieve over one day with an iphone.

Molly will be coming along to talk about the film.

His Haunted Laughter

Jamie H Scrutton creates a disturbing atmosphere in this silent short about a clown trying to find his way to normality.

Jamie will be coming along to talk about the film.


Following a not entirely successful screening many MovieBars ago, Luther Bhogal-Jones returns with this well-produced ensemble drama featuring genuinely interesting characters and an emotional roller coaster of a script.

Luther will be coming along to talk about the film.

The Strange World of Max X

Moviebar regulars Ant Carpendale and Dave Packer have formed a filmmaking superteam and these wonderfully surreal comedy shorts are the result. We will be screening three of their films - Time Watch, Obstructive Cinema and Egg Hunt.

Ant and Dave will be coming along to talk about the films.


Filmmaker Simon Birks manages to tell a complicated story without the use of dialogue in this interesting relationship drama.

Simon will hopefully be coming along to talk about the film.

Protest Reality and 8-Bit Waterslide

We end the evening on two energetic shorts from animation team Tea & Cheese.

If you have any questions about the event or have a film you would like us to consider for screening please e-mail moviebar[at]

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