Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Moviebar March 2012 Postscript

March's Moviebar was another stonking night with 9 shorts showcased and loads of filmmakers in attendance to talk about how they made them. Here's how it went down...

The Surprise
We started with Mike Shepherd's short The Surprise. Mike came along to talk about making the film as part of an ad competition and the different approaches he considered to squeeze it into a running time of less than a minute.

The Secret
Next was Jon Rosling's supernatural chiller The Secret, inspired by Japanese horror films like The Ring...

Volkaniko - Buy It Now (Or Never)
Director Shaun Nelson presented his music video for Volkaniko's track Buy It Now (Or Never), an ironic look at consumer culture...

Shaun and Volkaniko talked about shooting the video around London and you can find out more at Volkaniko's site and at Shaun's Reverie Productions.

Djonny Chen's simple but effective short Choices followed. Two women are trapped in a lift which might prove to be a catalyst for change in both of them...

Actress and writer/producer of the short Petroula Kaneti-Dimmer talked about putting the production together and shooting in just one night.

The Shot
Chris Thomas' short The Shot then looked at the consequences of a young boy's over-active imagination...

Every Angel Trailer
We then screened a trailer and a scene from Tim Pieraccini, both made in the space of 48 hours as part of a Brighton Film Coalition challenge last year...

Tim came along to talk about how he got some great performances out the actresses with little rehearsal time and the possibilities of making Every Angel into a real feature.

After You Leave
Next up was After You Leave from Stoke filmmaker Simon Kyle, a touching short about loss that made great use of locations around the city...

The penultimate film was from Mark Moynihan who explored the simmering tension between two co-workers in Colleagues. Mark came along (all the way from Wales no less) to chat about how he based the short on real, and unnamed, people. You can find out more at his blog Broc Glic Productions.

Georgia's Angel
We finished with another short from Jon Rosling, the time a cautionary tale of a young girl thinking about running away from home...

For even more movies be sure to come along to the next Moviebar on Monday 2nd April at the Caroline of Brunswick. For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at moviebar@ymail.com.

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