Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Moviebar Postscript - April/May 2012

Thanks to everyone who came along to what might have been the busiest Moviebar ever! Here's a round-up of the films that were shown...

First Date
We kicked of with heist thriller First Date from director Andreas Beltzer. More details can be found at the film's site.

Seeking Sunlight 
Next up was the slick sci-fi short Seeking Sunlight from Steve Hayes and Steve came along to talk about creating the impressive visuals and the film's intruiging premise.

Robert Reina's drama Today followed, about an ordinary day that takes a harrowing turn. Robert talked about casting the short and his experiences making it. You can find out more about Rob over at his video production company Gilrei.

Going Dark – Smiling Knife 
We then screened the music video Going Dark from band Smiling Knife which combines live-action with hand-crafted puppets. Director Dick Philpot came along to talk about making and working with puppets. You cna find out more about Dick on his web site and Smiling Knife on their Facebook page.


Next was Lynsey Miller's drama Bleach about a career-driven woman who has lost touch with her family.


Crees Foundation Promo
Director Dan Childs then screened his promotion film for the Crees Foundation and sustainable farming in the Amazon rainforest. Dan talked about shooting the film in the intense conditions of the jungle and you find about more on his portfolio site.

Under a Vest 
We ended the night with Kal Bonner's short twist on the noir genre, Under a Vest. You can find out more about Kal on her blog.


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