Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Moviebar June 2012 Postscript

Thanks to everyone who came to June’s Moviebar is was another brilliant night full of fantastic films and great Q&A sessions with the film makers! Here’s how it went down. . .

How to Get a Flat Stomach & May Be Side Effects

We kicked off the night with two short films from Molly Brown who joined us again to talk about how she came to make these two very different shorts, enlisting the help of friends as extras and the trials of homemade prosthetics.

If you would like to see more of Molly’s films here is a link to her YouTube channel.

Purity of Heart – Pearson
Next up we watched a music video by Jim Scott about robots, love and evil drunk hillbillies. Jim joined us to chat about working with a wrestler, corrugated plastic robot suits and a slightly different ending to the video that involved a cow.

And don’t forget to tune in to Channel 4 this Thursday at 11pm to see an excerpt from a new documentary that Jim is editing!
We Can Get You Some Really Cheap Gear
Third on the bill was this ‘Limitless’ inspired LEGO animation from Joshua Westbury. Joshua came along on the night to talk about what inspired him to make a short film based on ‘Limitless’, working with Lego and what he learnt from his first attempt at stop motion animation.

If you want to know more about Joshua and his film making why not check out his blog.


Next up was this quirky short film from A D Cooper where a mysterious incident on the tube leaves two very different people with an unexpected problem. A D Cooper came along to chat about making her film, great locations, visual effects and renting part of the London underground!

Unfortunately ‘Feet’ is not on line but here is an interview all about the film.

His Haunted Laughter
Jamie H Scrutton’s silent film was next up. Jamie came along to chat about how the film was made, his influences and nearly getting arrested for guerrilla film making!

 If you would like to see more of Jamie’s work and the full length film that His Haunted Laughter is based on here is the link to his YouTube channel.


Last but by no means least was SHED by Natalie Smith a great thought provoking short. Unfortunately Natalie couldn’t be with us on the night but if you want to find out a bit more about the film here is her website.

For even more movies be sure to come along to the next Moviebar on Monday 2nd July at the Caroline of Brunswick. For any feedback or submissions, you can email us at

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