Sunday, 24 June 2012

MovieBar July 2nd 2012 - Line up...

The Moviebar team return, albeit a few members lighter for this July edition. We still promise a night of short film screenings, filmmaker Q&As and the usual quiz with prizes. As we all can't make it, and the rest of the team covering, therefore strengthening the bond between us all, we have a Buddy Cop theme. That makes sense right?

Here's the line up... 

Incoherent – Nathan Cook – 15 Min
A live wired teenager helps his reclusive mute neighbour break out of his shell.

The Eye – Ben Fredericks – 5 Min
Voyeuristically themed Music Video for the band The Dark Lights – Written and Directed by Ben Fredericks

Tell Me About your day – Ed Christmas – 15 Min
Edge of The City award winning Short film by Ed Christmas about a couple who seem to have everything they could ever want, but beneath the pleasantries and small talk are secrets that threaten to tear their relationship apart.

The Big Om – Moog – 3 Min
Stylistic and visually interesting video from MovieBar regular Moog.

Goodbye Grandad – Greg Scott – 3 MinA young man is exasperated by the incessant demands of his grandfather until an unexpected visitor arrives delivering a curious package which might bring an end to his despair.

The 60 Watt Conundrum – John Lacey – 10 MinA short situation comedy about the downfalls of overwhelming conversations at the pub.

Fly Your Car Like a Kite - Elliot Jackson – 3 Min
You can get phones apps that do anything these days, just be careful how you use them.

Runaway Spoon – Elliot Jackson – 5 Min
A lowly breakfast spoon has ideas of making a bid for freedom embarking on a journey across the most dangerous of terrains, the common Kitchen.

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