Wednesday, 25 July 2012

MovieBar - Monday 6th August 2012 Line-up...

7.30pm Monday 6th August 2012

After years of planning, months of choices, days of decisions, hours of judgements, minutes of evaluations and seconds of results, it's finally here. August's Movie Bar, happily coinciding with the glorified Sport's Day for the world. Where's the egg and spoon race? The sack race? These are proper men's, or women's, events!

Anyway, for the quiz this month, we'll be having a sport theme.

Here's the line up...


An everyday business man finds himself outside of his busy city comfort zone. Directed by brother's Richard and Jonathan Chance.

Nick and Tara's Sex Tape

Moviebar submissions haven't sunk this low just yet. A clever short showing that sometimes less is more. Directed by Richard Dunford
Fall to Grace

In our second film by Richard Dunford, the shoe is on the other foot in this Frankenstein-esque short.
Hopefully Richard will be along on the night to talk about his films.

Before You

Nick Everhart directs Cheyenne Jackson in his new music video playing tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood AND classic movie monsters...
The Bent Penny

Director Darrel J Butlin show us three interlinked stories following the lives of seemingly unrelated people,woven together through a twist of fate.
Darrel will hopefully be along on the night to talk about his film


It's Okay To Be Ginger

Nic Sanchez' mockumentary/comedy follows Mr. Loddy, a ginger enthusiast, who hosts a motivational TV series aimed at younger ginger children.


Screenwirter Ronnie Mackintsoh tells a modern day fairy-tale in which a young girl is oblivious to the troubles affecting her parents marriage.  

See you there!!
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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Moviebar July 2012 Postscript

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather on Monday for another cracking Moviebar. Here’s how it went down...

Salsa Guy 
We started with Salsa Guy from director Gus Alvarez, a dark drama about the highs and lows of Salsa addiction.

Salsa Guy Trailer

You can view the whole thing over at Shooting People.

The Eye
Next up was Ben Fredericks’s music video The Eye for the band The Dark Lights...

Tell Me About Your Day
We then screened a subtle drama from director Ed Christmas about the breakdown of a relationship from one simple question.

Tell Me About Your Day Trailer

The Big Om 
Moviebar veteran Moog then screened his promotional video for The Big Om festival...

Moog talked about how he married his visuals to the voiceover in After Effects and landing the commission through his Twitter account.

The 60 Watt Conundrum 
Writer/director John Lacey then screened his humorous film college short The 60 Watt Conundrum...

John came along to talk about turning the simple idea into a short and using free stock footage to enhance the no-budget film. Although he wouldn’t spill the beans on how to resolve the 60 watt conundrum...

Fly Your Car Like a Kite / The Runaway Spoon 
We ended the night with a couple of surreal shorts from filmmaker Elliot Jackson...

Remember you can submit your own shorts to us at See you all at the next Moviebar on Monday 6th August!