Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Moviebar August 2012 Postscript

Thanks to everyone who came along to another cracking Moviebar! Here’s how it went down...

The Timeslip 
Kicking things off was this surreal jaunt into another world from the Chance Brothers...

The Timeslip Trailer


Nick and Tara’s Sex Tape
Next we screened a double bill from director Richard Dunford, the first was Nick and Tara’s Sex Tape, a horror take on a sordid subject. Watch it over on Shooting People.

Fall to Grace
Richard’s second film was this grisly short featuring lovable puppets…

Fall to Grace Trailer


Richard came along to talk about making the first film as a way of getting to grips with his camera. The more ambitious Fall to Grace had its problems but Richard battled on to create his masterpiece.

Before You 
Then we had a Cheyenne Jackson music video from director Nick Everhart with a old-fashioned monster movie feel...


The Bent Penny 
Next up was an ambitious short from writer/director Darrel J Butlin about the journey of a penny through the troubled lives of strangely connected characters. Darrel came along to talk about securing funding for the short and shooting in and around Bristol. You can view the trailer for The Bent Penny at Darrel’s Eyebrid Blaze site.

It’s OK to be Ginger 
Our penultimate film was this quirky mockumentary about an embittered TV presenter from director Nic Sanchez...


We ended the evening with screenwriter Ronnie Mackintosh’s dark fairytale about a girl caught between her parent’s affections...

Scenes from Plagium


We look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday September 3rd at the Caroline of Brunswick.

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