Monday, 24 September 2012

MovieBar - Monday 1st October - Line-up...

7.30pm Monday 1st October 2012

This month MovieBar goes all Pete's Dragon with a mix of live action and animated shorts!

We will be screening the following eclectic selection of short films, some followed by filmmaker Q&As. There will also be the usual quiz with prizes, and as always entry is free!

Tattooing and Therapy

Two sketches from director Cara Harvey that perfectly highlight the surreal humour underlying everyday situations.


A haunting and moody short about the last actions of a man who has lost everything.

Director Daya Dodds will hopefully be coming along to talk about the film.


An abstract animation depicting a sleepless night from filmmakers Emily Howells and Anne Wilkins.


Peter Butler gives Pixar a run for their money in this charming, funny and technically spectacular animation.

Death of Phonebook

Tim Grabham's surreal short does exactly what the title suggests with increasingly imaginative methods.

The Magic Swirling Ship

Carlos Boellinger mixes live-action and animation to great effect in this sweet romantic film shot in Shoreham.

Carlos will hopefully be coming along to talk about the film.


A lonely young woman begins to lose her grip on reality as she becomes addicted to online chatting in Kate Lloyd's wonderfully disturbing short film.

Kate will be coming along to talk about the film.

NEW Warrioress Trailer

You may remember we first showed a trailer and a sample scene from Ross Boyask and Cecily Fays' epic fantasy film back in February last year. The film has now been completed (hence the new trailer) and we'll have details of when and how you will be able to see the whole thing!

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Moviebar September 2012 - Postscript

Thanks to everyone who came along to the brilliant, and packed, September Moviebar. It really was an amazing night! Here's how it went down . .

Stand and Deliver

Starting off the night was the atmospheric and intriguing short from Gus Alvarez.

All Heart Trailer

Next up was the trailer from regular Moviebar attendee Tim Pieraccini's for his self produced full length film feature 'All Heart'. You can find more out about 'All Heart' through Tim's Blog.

Tim and one of the actors from the film, Megan Bay Dorman, came along to talk about the trailer and his continuing work on the full feature.


Third on the night's bill was the clever and funny 'Incoherant' from Nathan Cooke.

Nathan also came along on the night to talk to us about filming during university, excitable actors and his first staring role.

Nathan also told us a bit about his current collaboration with his Dad, and the original Moviebar creator, Chris Cooke, on a new film called 'The Cave'.


Next came the visually impressive and thought provoking animation from Julian Krispel-Samsel.

Julian then came up to answer questions and talk about his process, influences and the interesting revelation that the music for this short was made alongside as a separate piece with the same ideas by his brother and not specifically for the film.

Marble Hornets

Then we had the first 6 episodes of the chilling Marble Hornets web series. There are currently over 60 episodes of this series available on youtube and even a game, but be warned we have first hand experience of how scary both of them get! If you want to know more about Marble Hornets or the mind behind the series then check out Troy Wagner's Blog - 'Troy Wagner's Blog Machine'.

127 Second and Extreme Golf

About two thirds through the night we showed two fast paced and hilarious shorts from actor / director David August and producer and co star of 'Extreme Sports' Tanner L.Richards.

David and Tanner couldn't be with us on the night but you can find out more about both of these shorts and the men behind them from both David and Tanner's websites or you can follow them now on Twitter - click here for David and here for Tanner. Or if you want a bit of an insiders look into the making of 'Extreme Golf' the behind the scenes video is available here.

And before we move on to the last film of the night here is a little gem from David that we didn't show you. It's well worth a watch!

Batman Teaches Math -

House Trafalgar

Lastly but by no means least was the epic and hugely entertaining 'House Trafalgar'.

If you would like to know more about the film check out the brilliant House Trafalgar blog or join the ever growing Facebook page.

Mark, Simon and James were all with us for the screening and happy to talk to us about their huge ambitions for a small budget film, the worth of a great script and filming in tight surroundings.

Phew! Thank you to everyone who came along to watch and support all of the films that we showed this September as well as Moviebar itself! We will look forward to seeing you all for the next Moviebar night on Monday 1st October!