Wednesday, 27 March 2013

THE LAST MOVIEBAR!!! (Monday 1st April 2013)

7.30pm Monday 1st April 2013

After running it for over two years the current MovieBar team will be stepping down, but not before we screen some amazing short films as part of what promises to be our best event ever!

Also there will be a quiz with awesome prizes! By 'awesome' I mean all the prizes we have left over because previous winners didn't want them!

And we will be re-screening some of the best films and trailers we've shown over the past two years.

Plus, there will be new stuff...


Tommaso Paino creates an uneasy atmosphere with this surreal noir drama about a man's descent into psychosis triggered by the death of his mother.

One Foot From Hell trailer

The trailer for Peter Regan's short horror film includes some genuinely disturbing moments that need to be seen to be believed. Check out the Facebook page for the film here.

Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret from Hell

In her second adventure hapless witch Jenny Ringo must rescue her flatmate Gavin from the clutches of an evil soul-eating Cabaret owner. One year in the making and finished just this week, this horror/comedy epic features magic, monsters and a musical number!

If you want to do some homework, you can see the first film in the series, Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw, at where you can also subscribe to the mailing list!

And it's not the end! MovieBar will return in June with a brand new team running the show. More news on that to follow in the next few weeks...

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