Who can submit to MovieBar?

We want to make MovieBar accessible for everyone to share and enjoy short films, so there are no submission fees and MovieBar events are free to attend.

Anyone can submit a film to MovieBar, so long as they have the relevant rights to do so. By submitting a film to MovieBar you are taking responsibility for having sought the rights to publicly screen it.

MovieBar is a showcase for new, interesting and passionate filmmakers. We aren't looking for exclusivity so you can submit a film even if it is already available online. In helping to promote you and your film, we will provide links to your film website and social media after the screening.

We love to meet passionate filmmakers and connect them with film-loving audiences so we invite all who submit a film to come along to the screening. We also invite filmmakers, or anyone involved in the film, from cast, crew and production to come and talk about their part in making the film.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for compelling, relevant and entertaining stories. We select films with our audience in mind, so we are not just looking for good films, but great films!

We will accept short films up to 30 minutes. If you're film is longer, you can still send it to us, but it will have to be extra special to get screened.

We will accept fiction and non-fiction films. We sometimes screen music videos, but they must have a narrative, or the use of original and/or interesting technique. We do not screen trailers or features. We accept any film genre, and are currently looking for LGBTQ, and Sci-Fi / Tech / Space films for specialised programmes coming later in the year.

How to submit

Email us with a link to your film online. We will view it and if we would like to screen it we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We screen from DVD or digital file, which you will need to send to at least a week before the event. If you want the DVD returned, please include a stamped, self addressed envelope.

We want to help connect you with audiences so when sending your film, please provide us with your website and social media details, which we will include on the MovieBar website along with information about your film.

Along with the film you will need to provide us with two digital stills from your film and a synopsis (no more than 100 words) to be used on the MovieBar website. 

Email us or search MovieBar and submit via FestivalFocus